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A Sneak Peek Into the Interior of Honda e

Added: 11 January 2021

In today's busy world where you are expected to be moving around without wasting any precious minute, a Honda e electric car is a must-have.

Here is a glimpse of the massive gains you are assured of ripping from it.

  • Can be driven in any weather
  • Produces fewer emissions
  • It’s more efficient
  • It’s rigid and light in weight

Since its first introduction in late 1800, the Honda car model has gone through significant revolutions. One of the significant renowned inventions that have taken place over the years has been introducing electric cars. Honda e is the latest electric car from the Honda Company. It made its first appearance during the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom. It is best suited for usage in urban environments, and it has a superb interior that's incomparable. Below is a sneak peek of its inside features.

The Five Screen Feature

Honda e comes fitted with five high-resolution color screens to enhance the onboard connected apps and services' easy usability. First, the side mirror screens are strategically placed at either end of the dashboard to ensure a natural feel and vision for the driver. Secondly, it has the Centre Camera Mirror System that relays the image from a primary rear-facing camera, thus, increasing the driver's field of vision. Additionally, Honda e has an 8.8- inch TFT meter screen displayed in front of the driver. This screen's primary purpose is to provide crucial information concerning the vehicle, such as the charge status, drive mode selected, among others. Lastly, the Honda e has a dual 12.3 inch LCD touchscreens that present a wide range of intelligent applications and services.

The Unique and Profound Digital Dashboard Feature

Honda e has easy to use technology that makes it possible for both the driver and passengers to connect. This is made possible via its full-width digital dashboard. Here, occupants of the car can engage with camera mirror systems or dual touchscreen at ease. Additionally, the car is equipped with the Honda personal assistant app that uses machine learning to train its voice recognition. The voice commands to the vehicle are prefixed with 'OK Honda.' Moreover, the Honda e possesses a smartphone application that will keep you remotely connected to the car.

Battery Capacity

With only a single charge, Honda e can run up to 137 miles on electricity. It has a battery capacity of 35.5 kWh with a charge power of 6.6 kW AC. The battery takes approximately 5hours and 45 minutes to charge fully. The charging port is located in the middle of the car's bonnet to facilitate charging from either side.

Rear-Wheel Drive Specification

The rear-drive enables the front wheels to have a more excellent steering articulation, which results in a turning radius of approximately 4.3 meters at the body. Moreover, the rear motor facilitates agility and helps prevent torque steer. The Honda e is 3.9 meters long and 1.75 meters wide. Additionally, the Honda e's battery lies low between the axes.This feature gives it a weight distribution of 50:50 and a low center of gravity, thus enhancing its maneuverability.

Parting Shot

Although purchasing Honda e will require you to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket, its many magnificent features are to die for and should be your motivating factor when deciding on the electric car to buy.

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