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Can I lease a SKODA Kodiaq?

Added: 24 January 2018

Car Leasing Options

One of the most common ways of financing a car is through a personal contract hire solution (PCH). PCH leasing gives you the opportunity to drive a new car every few years when your plan comes to an end; with payments that are relatively low, and the peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about the car’s sell-on value.

How does leasing a car work?

Think of leasing a car as a long-term rental where you’re paying a fixed fee every month in allowance for you to use the car in the agreed period and within the set amount of miles. You’ll need to pass an obligatory credit check to get your lease confirmed but barring any complications it’s as simple as that. You might also want to consider the eventuality of having to end the lease agreement before the settled period as there will be additional costs that you’ll need to pay before you can leave.

For more information on finance options, check out our finance options explained page here.

Why lease a SKODA Kodiaq?

Whether you are busy running the kids to and from school or you’re going to and from business appointments; choosing to lease a SKODA Kodiaq is a great decision for those people that have active lifestyles. Why? – Because they won’t need to worry about the maintenance of the car in order to preserve its resale value, they can just simply enjoy the Kodiaq’s practicality!

The Kodiaq’s practicality is where it really excels. It has an enormous boot of which you can throw in the weekly shopping with space left over for any other potential lifestyle equipment. You also have a choice of five or seven seats which you can pick from to suit the size of your family or other general needs.

Where can I find my SKODA Kodiaq leasing options?

If you’d like to find out more about your options when leasing a SKODA Kodiaq then we’d love to be able to go through it with you personally via either a phone call, email or in person. If you’d like us to contact you then please fill out our online enquiry form here. If not, we look forward to seeing you in one of our dealerships soon – find your local dealership here!


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