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How much will new Jaguar SUV cost?

Added: 10 December 2019

Jaguar is a brand that for some reason is often associated with older gentlemen. And whilst the classic models definitely fit this bill, the newer models such as the Jaguar SUV are more sleek and stunning, and ideal for any age of driver.

The Jaguar F-Pace SUV is a car that has many merits. It has a stunning design that will wow all on the road, and it is priced at a reasonable £36,820 for its class.

But why should you consider adding the F-Pace Jaguar to your garage this year? Well, we have plenty of great reasons to share...

1. The design

The main pull of the F-Pace has to be its design. This SUV combines powerful size with sleek lines to create an elegant looking vehicle that will always impress.

2. It feels like a Jaguar

Have you ever noticed when you sit in an SUV of your favourite car brand that it feels nothing like the other models? If you have always loved a particular brand and step up to an SUV this can be a big disappointment. This is why it’s so great that Jaguar’s SUVs all feel like a regular Jag. You will feel as if you are sitting in a sporty car even when you are an extra few inches from the ground.

3. Understated

Whether you love or hate flashy cars… there’s no denying that the F-Pace balances flashy with understated perfectly.  You’ll be able to enjoy a simple but effective design that doesn’t shout in your face or put people off. Inside the car, you get to choose from a range of colours for your upholstery, and you can choose from 2 dark colours on the dashboards. Add understated wooden veneers to the list and you have the ideal combination.


As much as a classic car can be amazing to drive, we’ve all come accustomed to a few gadgets and technologies. The F-Pace range comes with InControl Touch infotainment system to allow for swiping through your applications with ease, an 8-inch touchscreen to allow you to use your dashboard like an iPad, and built-in Sat Nav so you’ll never get lost.


Yes, you read that right. These cars have WIFI. If there is any feature that could make a modern car stand out from the crowd then it is the inclusion of a WIFI connection that you and all passengers can use. What could be better?

6. Light and sturdy

You may wonder how it is possible for a car to be light as well as sturdy on the road, but the Jaguar F-Pace has this down to a tee. Aluminium is used in the Jaguar models to ensure a lightweight car that is more fuel-efficient than similar vehicles and this is mixed with high strength steel and other metals to ensure that the car is sturdy and reliable.

7. Power

Who doesn’t love a car that can MOVE? If you love the sporty nature of Jaguars and want to experience the same sort of drive in an SUV, the F-Pace can offer something truly special.  Go all out with a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine that can go from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, and you’ll be able to enjoy that all too satisfying growl.

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