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New Jaguar Electric Cars Are Going Upmarket

Added: 18 March 2021

White Jaguar E-Pace Charging at Roadside

Jaguar have announced new electric cars, and they are going upmarket. While Jaguar has never been cheap per se, it has always been more affordable than some of the other luxury brands such as Aston Martin. They have since announced that by 2025, they are only going to be producing and selling electric vehicles, keeping them competitive in an environmentally conscious market.

The New EV Range

The new electric vehicle range from Jaguar is hardly a surprise. We live in such an environmentally conscious world right now, that it would be more strange if manufacturers like this didn’t come out and try to do something to lower emissions and help with the cause. But, how are they going to make sure that the EV range is a hit?

Well, Jaguar is investing £2.5 billion into EV tech, ensuring that it is up to date, working, and being the best it can possibly be at all times. For all new vehicles there is going to be new architecture as well. So, while the old Jaguars will still exist, and Jaguar currently has no plans to replace them when production ends.

How They Are Competing With The Luxury Brands

The Jaguar brand is going to be completely changed around, until it is likely something that we don’t recognise anymore. The CEO of Land Rover Jaguar has commented somewhat about the differences and how they are trying to compete with the upper classes now. Focusing on tech and style, there is a new Chief Creative Officer over at Land Rover Jaguar to take things from 0-60.

Jaguar has somewhat dropped in the last couple of years, no longer being considered as something that people want all the time. But, now with new people on the team, replacing the new XF with something different and going for a whole new architecture, it is risky, but we’re sure it will pay off against these brands. Going upmarket might not have been the original goal, but with all the changes that are being made, it is certainly the direction that is being headed in.

What Is Changing?

People are becoming more aware of the environment and doing their best to protect it, and with Jaguar now coming out and changing their entire production process, there are big changes coming in the future. Only time will tell whether this was a change for the better. We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see how the new Jaguar EV range is going upmarket, and competing with those luxury brands that it’s never even been close to before. Jaguar are certainly making a name for themselves with their new design, and all around new outlook when it comes to making their cars.

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