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Volkswagen Vans Accessories

Added: 27 November 2018

Every commercial driver has different needs and preferences. Although Volkswagen vans come with a range of features as standard, we also offer a host of Volkswagen vans accessories and parts to provide you with a better driving experience. If you’re on the hunt for additional extras to personalise your van and cater for your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered at Heritage Volkswagen Van Centres in Bristol, Dorchester, and Westbury.

Volkswagen Van Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen vans accessories, or add-ons, are designed to enhance your driving experience, increase safety and ensure your van turn heads. At Heritage Volkswagen Van Centres, we recognise that all our customers are unique, and we have a broad spectrum of accessories on offer. Whether you’re hoping to channel a sporty vibe, or you’re keen to kit your van out with the latest in entertainment technology, we’re confident we can help you achieve the desired outcome. Our range of accessories includes:


We have a stylish array of alloy wheels and support accessories, which are perfect for adding that sporty feel and ensuring your van stands out on the roads.


If you’re keen to make a statement, we’ve got some fantastic exterior and interior accessories that are guaranteed to catch the eye. We recognise the importance of making a great first impression every time.

Infotainment and tech

Make long journeys more enjoyable with the latest infotainment extras. We also provide accessories designed to improve safety, including safety cameras, as well as navigation systems and features to facilitate connectivity between your phone or tablet and your infotainment system.

Volkswagen Infotainment


We understand that peace of mind is invaluable when you buy a van. We provide a range of accessories, from mud flaps to bumper protectors that are designed to enable you to rest easy and relax.

Lifestyle and personalisation

Our Volkswagen vans parts and accessories enable you to give your van a personal touch and tailor it to suit your needs. Whether you’re preparing for a day at work or a weekend with the family, we’ve got accessories to suit.

Increasing capacity

We offer a range of accessories, including roof racks, tow bars and internal load systems that enable you to increase capacity and ensure your van meets the needs of each individual job.

Why buy Volkswagen van accessories?

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a navigation system that was easier to use, a bit more space or some alloys that made your van look that little bit more spectacular? With Volkswagen vans accessories from Heritage Volkswagen Van Centres, we can provide you with all the additional features and extras you could possibly need. Whether you’re looking to save time, protect your investment, or add aesthetic appeal, we’re here to offer advice and provide you with the parts and systems you require. Volkswagen accessories offer a wealth of benefits for drivers and you can pick and choose to find extras that suit your lifestyle, your job and your individual taste. If you’re on the lookout for awesome accessories for your Volkswagen van, why not contact us today? 

Volkswagen Accessories

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