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What is the best Skoda to buy used?

Added: 10 December 2019

When considering changing your car a used Skoda might not be the first thing to come to mind. Skoda is a Czech car brand that is often overlooked by motorists and can be easily underestimated on the road.

But owning an Approved Used Skoda can actually be a great thing, and the brand is even on their way to providing the world with a range of electric vehicles by 2025. For a reliable, sturdy, and stylish car that has both on and off-road capabilities, consider adding a Skoda to your garage this year. Here are some of the models you can explore…

Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is a small and nippy model that is ideal for new drivers or those who need a car simp0ly for running errands and commuting. The car is diverse and available in multiple varieties to suit every need. It has a spacious cabin and provides a smooth and comfortable drive for all.

Skoda Fabia

One of the most recognisable models of Skoda you may see on the road is the Skoda Fabia. This 5-door car is built to last and is designed to look sleek as well as practical. It is a car ideal for anyone who wants a car they can depend on to get them where they need to be for years to come.

Skoda Scala

If you prefer hatchbacks to saloon-style cars, the Scala is likely the best option for you to take on in your life. The Skoda Scala is a family car at an affordable price and offers a rival for the Seat Leon and Ford Focus. It comes with a lot of great features to offer a safe and practical ride and as a result, is perfect for parents. The design of this car might be fairly standard however it does its job well.

Skoda Kamiq

If you love the style of an SUV and its bigger feel, the Skoda Kamiq offers a wonderful SUV to enjoy. This is the smallest of the SUV’s that Skoda offer however it is well worth a try. It layers upon the standard style of other Skoda vehicles and offers something a lot more exciting and stunning to behold.

Skoda Octavia

If you have ever heard of Skoda as a brand, it is most likely because of the Octavia. The most popular car model in Iceland; the Octavia is a vehicle that combines space, practicality and simple design for the best possible effect. This model has an impressive performance and copes well in areas with snow and ice. It is available as a hatchback, estate, and vRS for a sportier feel.

Skoda Superb

As well as the Octavia, the Skoda Superb offers a practical and safe drive on the road. If what you are looking for are class and elegance, the Superb is the model for you. This car combines great performance and comfort with a sleek design and a range of glossy colours. The car also comes as a 4-wheel drive and offers both petrol and diesel options.

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