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What is the smallest SEAT car?

Added: 10 December 2019

New SEAT Mii

Customers often ask us ‘What is the smallest SEAT car?’ To learn more about the SEAT Mii, the smallest car in the SEAT model range continue reading to find out why size doesn’t matter and why good things often come in small packages.


The SEAT Mii is also known as a supermini, part of VW Group’s trio of city cars. Including the VW Up and Skoda Citigo, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd because the competition is stiff. Still, the SEAT Mii manages to do it with its range of features that motorists love.


The first thing you notice about a car is its design, and the Mii has added a splash of Spanish flair to its bodywork. While its sister models have similar styles that can get a bit samey after a while, the Mii comes with various trims and add-ons for more excitement.

Punchy Engine

The SEAT Mii is by no means fast, but that’s not what you buy a supermini model with 74bhp. If speed is your thing, the VW Up has a higher top speed thanks to its turbocharged 3-cylinder power unit. However, the Mii has the same engine size, just without the turbocharger, which means it’s very punchy. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in agility and handling as the Mii is incredibly refined and fun to drive in this respect.


The SEAT Mii is affordable for two reasons: upfront price and running costs. At less than £12,000 for a new model, it can’t be beaten on price. Compared to a variety of cars, including its sister models, the Mii always comes out on top when you factor in the upfront value.

Of course, the running costs are where it comes into its own due to its engine and body size. Although the engine is only one litre, the size three-pot means this car barely gives off any emissions. There is noise pollution to consider, too - you won’t hear the Mii chugging along because it’s very quiet.


All in all, the SEAT Mii is a functional city car that has redefined the class. Small yet nippy, it is a good-looking vehicle that’s easy to drive regardless of the location. It’s in its element in tight streets at low speeds, but it also stands up to the rigours of motorway driving.

The practicality of the Mii is what makes it one of the best cost-effective superminis on the market.

The Mii Models

There are four to choose from, and they start with the entry model.

The SEAT Mii, cheapest of the bunch and so offers more basic features. Still, it’s by no means a bad list of specifications as it includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, electric front windows, and split-fold rear seat.

If you want something a little more exotic, the SEAT Mii FR is the answer - the graphics and unique alloy wheels are spicy - whereas the Mii Design has LED daytime lights for added efficiency and safety.

Top of the pack is the SEAT Mii Cosmopolitan, and it has the biggest brake horsepower at 74bhp.

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