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What To Expect From The Hot New Audi SQ3

Added: 13 June 2018

Later this year, Audi are due to reveal their new SQ3 hatchback!

Thanks to first glimpses of this new model, this higher spec model is duly anticipated before the 2020 launch of the new RSQ3.

But what do we know about this secret new Audi?

Increased Passenger Space

The appearance of the new SQ3 model will reflect a longer wheelbase than the current Q3 model available, which will result in more space for passengers to kick back and relax. This is because a longer wheelbase will increase the cabin area, so those passengers in the rear will get a bit of extra leg space.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3

New Exterior Design

The front bumper of this new Audi model will set itself apart from the rest thanks to its exterior modifications. This new streamlined bumper will allow the car to take deeper air intakes and reflect style with its lower splitter. Additionally, from behind the pair of twin tailpipe exhausts reflect the impressive strength under the bonnet and add that extra flair to the appearance.

All-Wheel Drive

This new car will be agiler than the current model thanks to the new and improved, responsive all-wheel drive. The dual clutch automatic will mean every bend is handled with ease and without any stress on the driver – so it’s plain driving for every trip!

Superb New Motor

Although no specific details have been unleashed by Audi themselves, this excellent new car will likely follow from the current RS3 model with its power supply. This means it is likely that the new SQ3 will have a 5-cylinder turbocharged motor producing 306bhp to 400bhp, ensuring the car has maximum stability and strength.

Audi RS Q3

Audi RS Q3

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